Bass music is meant to be felt. It shakes your eardrums and spirit to their core, allowing you to absorb the experience reverberating through and around you.

Near the pinnacle of this phenomena is French producer CloZee, who released her second full-length album, Neon Jungle, last week. This latest project falls in line with her catalogue's classification as "world bass," which coalesces sounds and instruments from around the world to create a unifying branch of electronica.

While Neon Jungle was supposed to be experienced in a live setting with inherent visuals and production, CloZee still sees the holistic power of the music without the live experience.

"I want to provide my fans and all listeners an escape to a place where they feel safe, confident and loved,” said CloZee, who spoke with about Neon Jungle. "It’s especially needed right now."

Despite the inability to play the record live, CloZee sees this as a "new chapter" of her life and career due to Neon Jungle’s definitive narrative. The album artwork, visuals, and tracks all follow concise imagery. While her work has always been inspired by nature and organics, she wanted to fully immerse viewers into that setting with the project. "I really wanted to create a new world, visually and aurally," she said. "It was a new way of composing music for me; thinking simultaneously about the music and the live aspect."

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CloZee's music has always suggested imagery of natural settings with her sonics, but the production of Neon Jungle constantly conjures these purple, glowing jungle themes throughout the album. On the record's intro, "Mirage," the music is sprung to life with resonating synths that project fluorescent imagery, perhaps imagined as flowers coming into bloom in the listener’s imagination.

These natural themes were sonically premised on the album’s singles as well, while also drawing inspiration from CloZee’s experiences and interests. "Winter is Coming," a song inspired by the HBO series Game of Thrones, exudes electricity with its lush strings and vocal chops while the album's titular track was conceived, produced, and finished while performing in Central America.

"I composed ['Neon Jungle'] in Costa Rica during my two weeks trip leading into Envision Festival 2019,” said CloZee. "Usually, I gather all the memories from my travels and compose music when I’m back home, but 'Neon Jungle' is one of the few tracks made at the original location where I sourced my inspiration from. The song is all about the jungle adventures, the outstanding Costa Rican biodiversity, waterfalls and sunsets I experienced."

CloZee won’t be able to play the album live on tour until the fall, at the earliest, but her fans can dive into the world with the "Neon Jungle Experience," a collaboration with renowned visual artist Android Jones.

You can check out the "Neon Jungle Experience" below.




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