Today, February 26th, EDM duo Galantis embarked on a groundbreaking performance venture, pairing with Wave to perform a one-of-a-kind virtual concert. 

Part of their 2020 Church of Galantis Tour, the concert invited fans from all corners of the world to tune in and enjoy the Swedish group's upbeat anthems together.

Putting a twist on regular, camera-feed based live streams, the Church of Galantis virtual performance incorporated CG avatars of the duo, using motion capture technology so fans can watch their movements in real time. 

With a 30-minute runtime, the show featured dynamic visual themes and represent virtual attendees with seafox avatars in the crowd. It used tropical imagery and bright colors to create a powerful visual accompaniment for the group's most iconic tracks. caught up with the duo, comprised of Christian Karlsson and Linus Eklöw, before the performance. Read on to see what they had to say.

EDM: What are you excited for with this new show format?

Galantis: We’re excited to try something so fresh and new, and work with such incredible technology. These VR concerts could very well be the future of live music.

How does it feel to be broadcasting a completely original show live to fans across the world?

It feels great to know that even fans we might not be able to reach on tour will be able to experience a Church of Galantis live set.

Why is it so important to bring everyone together through this Wave event?

Bringing people together is what our new album, Church, is all about. When we looked up the definition of the word, it means “a body of believers” – and that’s what we think the fans that come out to our shows are, people bonded together to have fun and be a part of something positive.

What are you able to do with an animated show that you couldn't do with an in-person performance? Why is that cool and exciting?

The most exciting thing is that fans from all over the world can be in the same “room” and experience a Galantis show together.

What do you hope your fans are able to take away from this set?

We hope it will be a fun mini-escape, and take them away from their daily reality. Depending on time zone, they could be at work, at home, anywhere.

What can we look forward to seeing? Any new tracks? 

You’ll definitely hear songs from our new album, Church, and we might even have a special guest from one of our new singles pop in.

What’s so special about the Seafox community?

SeafoxNation is incredible, they always give us the energy we need in our sets and have grown with us over the years. We love that they let us evolve in our sound.