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There are only a few musicians that you can look at and confirm their love as an artist versus the benefits financially. Especially the ones who like to carry the peace and love mentality that is obviously needed in today’s world. There are two talented brothers that work together making beats who are acutely passionate to be artists. Meet Kevin and Jeff Saurer also musically known as electronic and Hip-Hop producers Hippie Sabotage.

The duo has been working together for over ten years and shown no sign of quitting. Despite already leading an attractive hippie lifestyle, they have devotedly built an empire of dynamic music. Hippie Sabotage is best known for producing tracks that could be defined as instrumental music but has hard kicks of Hip-Hop and Trap. They started buzzing in the scene once their breakthrough remix “Stay High” by Tove Lo was issued. After a slew of releases, they've retrieved in a combination of other singles over millions of streams. In recent news, they just announced their Lost California Tour this fall, and we couldn't be more excited. 

I can go on and on about their endeavors and image they portray, but we don't know truly the facts unless we hear it from them. With a lot of laughs and giggles, I had a smoke session with the duo and discussed what their thoughts are on recent events in the industry and what's behind their music. Enjoy!

First off, how was Hippie Sabotage formed?

K: It started when we were skateboard kids which is all we did. Then started making Youtube videos and we wanted to put music behind. So, our curiosity sparked on how we could make Hip-Hop beats. Anything that was related to that, we remained curious.

So, were you guys self-taught or did you go to school?

J: No, we didn’t take classes.

K: Jeff started making beats in middle school, and I watched him for years, and he even took guitar lessons but never went to them and so I just went to them instead.

How did you come up with the name Hippie Sabotage?

K: I had a lanier that had our dad’s initials and I always carried it around me. Those letters stayed with me in my mind, and after talking to each other, we came up with Hippie Sabotage. So, we rolled with it.

With over ten years of experience making music, seeing how much the music industry as involved and changed, how important is it to you guys to remain authentic to who you are and what you make?

K- For our fans, they just want to hear what our ideas are.

J- We don’t stress over about being ourselves. We love putting our ideas out there. The whole point of being an artist is being you and not trying to fit in.

It's obvious you guys are doing well being who you are as an artist, I mean you’ve hit up a lot of the major cities in the US and now, have toured in different countries. What's your experience been like traveling internationally?

J- The international shows are a lot smaller, so they're intimate. It took us a couple of shows to adapt, but now we love those.

K- In the smaller shows, the energy is wilder. 

What have been some of your favorite places to perform?

K- Brock, London, and Ireland are fun.

J- Paris and London.

You started off as Hip-Hop producers, then merged into electronic, what encouraged you to make that transition?

K- There was a time that EDM wasn’t really a thing. We would tell people that we made beats and they wouldn’t know what we were talking about. Once we started getting into making music, we wanted to blend in what we liked already which is Hip-Hop and other influences like instrumental music. At a certain point, we wanted to have our own vision so we implemented the experimental element to it.

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With that being said, what kind of inspiration exists behind your music?

J- It sounds corny, but just your feelings. It’s our outlet for what we have to say.

Then, when people see you perform or listen to your music, what do you hope they leave with?

K- First off, I hope they are having a great time and dance a whole lot. Also, maybe leave with a hope of the future.

J- We like to have an inspirational vibe in our shows.

When you first started off, social media wasn’t really huge, what was your alternative to expose yourself?

K- We were in Bandcamp.

J- More importantly, we were so focused on getting songs with people. We knew if we had this and this collaboration eventually it would lead somewhere.

With the recent events of artists opening up about being depressed or even leading to suicide, how are you guys able to manage the work-life balance to assure you have a healthy state of mind while being successful?

J- You have to find happiness without validation.

K- You gots to be happy within yourself and go from there. We are lucky that we look out for each other and our family does too. We are aware that there needs to be recovery time since we travel so much. Eating healthy and staying positive during the rough times.

J- Like he said, stay optimistic and have big goals.

To lighten up the mood some, do you guys have any hidden talents?

K- I can run the best democratic campaign right now.

J- Don’t get him started! (laughs)

K- I am ambidextrous. I can do things with my left hand and right hand.

What do you guys like to do when you’re not working?

J- We are working all the time, but it doesn’t feel like it’s working. We normally just chill and make music.

K- We wanted this, so it feels more like we have extra time to express our ideas.

What are some exciting news you can share with our readers?

K -We have two friends who are doing a California road trip to get us a bunch of artwork for our new songs we are working on. Once we feel like those tracks are good to rock n roll, we will put it out. 

With new show announcements just released, don't miss your chance to see them live. Purchase passes here for their Lost California Tour.



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