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Considered to be one of the best hip-hop artists of this generation, I decided to speak with JZAC regarding his musical ambitions & career goals. With several million streams to his name, we discuss the strategy behind "breaking through the noise" within the music industry. So for the people who don't know who you are, say a little bit about you & what you've been up to. 

JZAC: I am a hip-hop artist from the state of New Hampshire, and have been at it for about 7 years. I just released a new body of work called "off the boat", and am now growing the brand. Right now, I'm 100% independent, and so I'm doing it on my own & grinding.

Awesome. So how did you originally get into hip-hop?

It started in college as I've always been a massive rap fan. One of my buddies had an app called "Garageband for Mac" and said you can record raps on it. It totally blew my mind at the time. We messed around recording different stuff, and that's how it started.

Nice. So what is your creative process like when it comes to writing new music?

It differs with every song. But a lot of the times I'll get my producer to make a beat and we'll figure out a beat for it. Sometimes, I'll just ride around in the car & throw on some different beats for inspiration. After getting different melodies & concepts, I'll go back and write the lyrics so that I can structure the whole thing.

That's great. Loads of people I speak to have different creative processes. As you know, this is a marketing series. So what advice do you have for people within the music industry wanting to break through the noise?

I'd say to be consistent with your craft & content. There's so much out there nowadays like actors etc on Instagram. There's stuff in every realm. When you put stuff out, the internet moves fast. Also, find a way to stick out and do something innovative. That's how I got started with viral videos in order to get the ball rolling.

You touched briefly on viral videos. I noticed that one of your raps in your car was featured on @rap on Insta. It has a few million followers which is pretty cool. So in 5 years time, where would you like your career to be?

That's a good question. I think I just wanna be known as one of the biggest & best hip-hop artists out there. I strive to be number one. I'm a competitive person. The way I look at it, I try to be with the people that inspired me. 

What people inspired you?

I have a lot of influences. A lot of old-school classical hip-hop like Eminem, Jay Z, 50 Cent, Biggie, Drake etc. There's so many more.

Nice! So right now we're going to do a rapid-fire round. What was the last song you listened to?

I think it was actually my own song like an hour ago. It was called "if you leave".

Are you a morning or night person?

Night person.

Where's your favorite place to travel?

That's a good question. I like going places that I haven't been yet. I'd love to do some touring in Europe. 

Anywhere in Europe that particularly has your eye?

I'd love to do a show in Poland as that's where my family is. To go back to my family origins and do a show would be a dream come true. 

Do you have any fears?

To narrow it down to one would be hard. But on a daily basis, I try to break down boundaries and overcome fear. 

Last question. If you could trade lives with anyone for a day, who would it be? 

Will Smith. He's the man & seems super cool as he has a similar mindset to me. 

That's an interesting answer. He's definitely become more relevant over the past few months with his YouTube & Instagram accounts etc. He's crushing it. Back in the day with Bad Boys & Men In Black, he was at the peak of his career. But now he's rising like a phoenix and becoming a massive social media star in his own right. I respect that. 

Yeah man.

So this is a question that I ask at the end of every single interview I do. If the world was to end tomorrow, what would you want future generations to remember you by?

I would say being myself. Being able to accomplish whatever you want, and to think outside the box. On any level, to be happy & do what you want because life is too short. 

It's been absolutely great talking to you, and thanks for your time.

I appreciate you having me on here man. It means a lot.

Whether you are in Dance Music, Hip-Hop, or any other genre, the principles of this interview apply to pretty much everyone. After all, with the right mindset, you can accomplish anything you wish.