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Kadebostany is making a serious name for himself in the dance music industry, delivering genre-defining sonic journeys to the tenth degree. He's garnered over one billion streams and has dominated the dance charts in 30 countries. Taking a modern approach to pop music, he has also developed an interesting concept under his "Republic of Kadebostany" brand.

His latest single, "Take Me To The Moon" with the mesmeric Valeria Stoica, has proven to be one of his best yet. It's a haunting track that combines a cinematic production style with the stunning and delicate vocals of Stoica. The lush guitar work paired with an undeniably smooth beat will have you forgetting how melancholic the lyrics truly are. Kadebostany also recently released a haunting remix by Laolu, which you can listen to below and find on streaming platforms here.

The accompanying video was shot by Turkish director Hasan Kuyuco, who has joined him on previous ventures "Mind if I Stay" and the short movie "DRAMA-Act 1." It feels as if you are watching a feature film, with beautiful artistic shots throughout. The story shows the death of Kadebostany as Stoica guides him through a surrealistic landscape. The video was shot over six days in Switzerland at locations such as the awe-inspiring Peak Walk's bridge and Joux lake. 

Kadebostany chatted with about the vision behind the new single and where he sees his brand going in the near future. Take us through "Take Me To The Moon." What was the inspiration behind the track?

Kadebostany: "Take Me To The Moon" is the fruit of my collaboration with Valeria Stoica, an artist from the Republic of Moldova. I invited her to my studio in Switzerland 3 days before the first lockdown in March 2020.

Inspiration comes from the desire to write about someone who wants to escape planet Earth for a better world. I guess this pandemic had an influence on the writing! We felt that something was happening worldwide without being able to fully understand it. It was more like a shadow hovering over the studio. Can you dive into the production itself? What was your creative process like in the studio?

Kadebostany: As a general rule, when I do sessions with vocalists I play my compositions/instrumentals and look for a positive reaction from my collaborator. Then once we have found a title that we like, we work on the melody of the voice and the lyrics. I don't really have any production rules. I have an old-fashioned recording studio centered around an old mixing desk and I mainly use analog equipment. I'm like a gold digger, I work a lot until I get goosebumps. There are some deep lyrics here. Can you shed some light on any stories or anecdotes that led to them?

Kadebostany: The reference for me was David Bowie's song "SPACE ODDITY." I have always been fascinated by the lyrics of this song. I find that they have an incredible evocative power. I look for that in the music, I like when it induces strong images. I brought the idea of the theme and Valeria Stoica wrote the lyrics. Who are your early influences?

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Kadebostany: My influences are extremely varied but to sum up I would say it goes from Roxy Music to Detroit techno to the Beach Boys. Do you have any specific reference tracks that really drive your productions?

Kadebostany: It changes all the time. Above all, I like to surprise myself and not have any presets. I created my own Republic some years ago and it gives me an artistic framework. My goal is to create sophisticated music with a mass appeal. I like when my songs have a timeless appearance but with a modern twist. I'm a fan of the production of Dolly Parton's song "Jolene." It's timelessly melancholic but with a touch of hope and you can dance to it. Where do you see your sound going after this?

Kadebostany: I think I'm moving towards more uptempo and more positive pieces but always with a dramatic side. I call it a "crying with the smile" feeling. I have a lot of new songs ready and I'm going to publish them on my coming EP, DRAMA Act 2.

For each track I collaborated with a different vocalist. They all have their own character. I love this diversity. Do you plan on experimenting with any other genres or styles?

Kadebostany: Yes I do that all the time, my music is a mix of many influences. I also develop my activities in music for cinema and I write in many different styles. It's very enriching and it feeds my creativity. Also, I will continue to collaborate with even more vocalists. Do you have anything special in the works for 2021?

Kadebostany: The remixes of "Take Me To The Moon" are coming soon. I'm very proud of these remixes because the quality is very high. There is among others a remix of the Turkish artist Mahmut Orhan and my Swiss friend Laolu. It's in a more dancefloor electronic vein but with a lot of elegance. These two artists have a solid know-how in this style and they have proved it by producing amazing tracks that are played by the greatest DJ's in the world.

Apart from that, I'm looking forward to leaving in torment with my live band. I went from about 100 international concerts a year to 0 because of the pandemic and I miss the tour. 

You can stream "Take Me To The Moon" across all platforms here





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