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At only 19, fast-rising DJ dance music producer LUNAX has a blindingly bright career ahead.

With over 65 million streams on her music, she has emerged as one of the most recognizable names in the slap house genre. Her versatile sound also dabbles in hyperpop and even psytrance, creating something unique that has clearly caught on in the international festival circuit.

After launching her career in music around four years ago, LUNAX broke through in 2020 after gracing the covers of a number of large playlists on streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music. She has already been featured on the cover of Europe's largest dance music playlist on Spotify, "Main Stage," three times.

The talented German producer also already has a slew of top-notch releases under her belt, as her music has been released through Spinnin Records, Kontor Records, Beat Dealer Records and Sony Music, among other labels. LUNAX has also performed at a number of high-profile clubs, like Croatia's Noa Beach, as well as big festivals such as SIO Festival Berlin and Electric Zone Festival and she's been tapped for a headlining DJ set at the upcoming Welcome 2022 in Switzerland on New Year's Eve. caught up with LUNAX to chat about her rise and how she's navigating life as a touring DJ. What is your ritual before your performances?

LUNAX: So at home I prepare my set and pick out the clothes I want to wear and go through everything again. When I arrive, I firstly check out the decks to see whether the set up is okay.

I always go to shows with someone from my team and we fool around beforehand and have a lot of fun until I go on stage. And then I perform! How long do you need to prepare a set?

LUNAX: I always have an idea of how I want to design my set. Sometimes it takes one hour but sometimes 2-3 hours until everything is perfect, just as I imagine it to be. How did you feel when you stood on stage for the first time?

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LUNAX: My first time on stage in front of an audience was in Croatia and normally we always goof around before a gig, but on that day we were all so excited that we couldn't get a word out. Somebody asked me if I was happy and I just said a short "yes." But when I got on stage and I saw the crowd partying, I was totally speechless.

It was the moment when I realized again that it is my dream that is about to come true. It moved me to tears when they even sang my songs. One guy from the audience even ordered me a bottle of champagne, which on the one hand was a bit uncomfortable and I didn't know how to handle it, but on the other hand it was also super sweet. What was the last thing you did for the first time?

LUNAX: I used a microphone for the first time at a show. Every time I made up my mind that I would use the microphone, but I never managed to bring myself to.

248515979_940737053458535_4131039905327734190_n What do you do to unwind from your life as a DJ?

LUNAX: I spend a lot of time with my family. Family is the most important thing for me. I also do a lot of sport, kickboxing and I go horse riding. Your career started at the beginning of the pandemic. Was it an advantage or disadvantage ?

LUNAX: I think it was definitely an advantage for me! I was able to concentrate on DJing and gather some experience in that field and actually gain a couple of fans through the livestreams. I also got to know a lot of people in this time. However, I am also happy that things are slowly returning to normal and that I can play in front of an audience. What are your plans for NYE?

LUNAX: The flights have already been booked for Switzerland, I will be performing at the Welcome 2022 show. I can’t wait for this one!




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