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Since first launching his project in 2012, MitiS has developed a loyal fanbase through his meticulous approach to electronic music production and emotional messages he shares within his music.

The Pennsylvania native's debut album 'Til The End arrived alongside praise from both fans and critics alike. Since its release, MitiS has continued on a hot streak of new music ranging from 2019's laid-back Life of Sin Series to his brilliant Shattered EP. 

On April 9th, MitiS released his sophomore album Lost on Seven Lions' Ophelia Records imprint. The album features a number of previously released singles as well as a handful of brand new tunes. Among those fresh tracks are collaborations with Danni Carra, Rico & Miella, Luma, Notelle, Cyrstal Skies, SubLion, Ashley Apollodor, and Bella Renee.

Lost opens the next chapter to MitiS' journey in electronic music. The LP takes his signature soaring sound and refines it further, adding subtle yet noticeable touches to each of its songs. It's without a doubt his most comprehensive and cohesive work yet, taking listeners through a myriad of emotions such as heartbreak, yearning, and love before gently guiding them through the outro.

MitiS chatted with about his new album, his relationship with Seven Lions, and more. What was the inspiration for Lost?

MitiS: I think it was a lot of things, collectively. I started the album prior to lockdown when I was starting to try new things musically. Shows were going really well, so I started writing music geared towards how they would sound live without losing that creative side of it.

I know some people make music just for clubs, but that can take away from the creative aspect. I wrote four of the songs, then I moved and quarantine happened and I got a lot of inspiration from how the world had to come together. Even the darker emotions were an inspiration, in their own way. It was easy to feel sad, lost, or confused and that’s where some of the inspiration came from. Do you have a favorite collaboration from the album? 

MitiS: Man, that’s so tough. I really like all of them. It’s funny actually, SubLion and I have been working on “Running Away” for three years. It was a completely different song and one day we were just in the studio, having some beers, kicking it, and decided “this sucks.” So we completely rewrote it.

Sometimes when you’re alone you can get lost writing music and overwork a song to death, you know? I really liked what that one turned in to. All the vocalists as collaborators and features killed it. I really love “Hurt” with Zack Gray, he did a great job. He helped with some of the chord ideas and his voice is amazing. You’ve been working with Ophelia Records for a while now. Tell us about your connection to the label and about your friendship with Seven Lions.

MitiS: Jeff [Seven Lions] and I are good friends and the team and Ophelia has always been great supporters. I could have released it on my own imprint, Born, but Ophelia was really what I was shooting for.

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I met Jeff about 6 years ago on Twitter. He invited me on the Journey II tour about two years ago which is really when we started hanging out in person. Jeff, Jason Ross, and I all got really close on tour and now we talk all the time. This year we made a group chat where we share ideas and music back and forth.

Seven Lions, MitiS and Jason Ross

From left: Seven Lions, MitiS, and Jason Ross. We want to know a little more about your background. What was your classical training like? How did that affect your transition into electronic music?

MitiS: It was a lot. I started at 11 and really got serious by 12. It turned into three different teachers at five different lessons a week. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Each teacher focused on different styles—one was German, one was Russian, and the last one was a relaxed lesson that helped me practice. It was weekdays and weekends. 

My parents didn’t push me to take lessons, I just really wanted to get as good as I could. They helped me find a way that worked for me until I decided to pursue electronic music when I was in college. The change from classical to electronic music came naturally, but I was horrible at it. When I started I was so bad and the massive learning curve was difficult. It felt natural, though.

I’ve loved electronic music since I was 15. I would be on the school bus, going to school, listening to old trance. I started writing my own stuff on the piano while learning classical, so the biggest learning curve for me was learning a DAW, synths, and all that stuff. Give us your thoughts on the current NFT boom. Do you have anything in the works?

MitiS: I wouldn’t call NFTs a game-changer, I’d call them more of an opportunity. I see a lot of people bagging on artists for creating NFTs, but a lot of people don’t understand how finances work within the music industry. Money can be great one day and suddenly a year goes by and it’s like, “What the hell?”

It’s a really cool thing that both music artists and other artists can capitalize on. It’s next-gen and gives artists the opportunity to make money in different ways. I think they’re great.

I’ve been working on a few NFTs. I don’t know if I’m going to put them out there, but they’re such a fun idea and concept to create. It brings me back to when I first started making music. It’s fun, I don’t really know what I’m doing but I’m trying it and it’s pretty cool.

MitiS Tour 2020

MitiS performing live in 2019. What’s next for MitiS in 2021?

MitiS: My team’s got something planned every month going into 2022 right now and I’m just along for the ride. Just kidding! I can only say so much, but I can say I’ll be playing a lot more shows going into the end of the year. With an album usually comes a tour and people can expect a large one. We’ve already got a majority of the support already picked out for the tour as well.

I really liked having Crystal Skies on the Shattered tour. We really get along and our sets complement each other so having them on tour is definitely a top priority. They’re good dudes, making good music, and they never rinse out the crowd. Having Trivecta on would be great, there’s also Rico & Miella. They have a live aspect to their performances and I think that would be really fun to incorporate.





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