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Whether it's the melodic piano stabs, synthesizer riffs, or even the signature four-on-the-floor beats, the undeniable sounds of 90's house music trigger fond memories for both Noizu and Dombresky. Having been surrounded by its euphonic grooves back in Europe, the duo would eventually incorporate those nostalgic beats in their collaborative projects.

Prior to joining forces, though, they found success with their own unique take on contemporary house music. As Noizu rebranded his image, he found success with tracks like "Jungle," "Wavey," "Inside My Head" and "DANCE". Not to be outdone, Dombresky produced a series of big hits as well, in particular "Soul Sacrifice" and "Utopia."

Already fans of their own music, the guys partnered up and tapped into their affinity for 90's rave music with their first collaboration, "Rave Alarm". A quirky banger, the track would become the catalyst for future partnerships, which was recently showcased in their joint EP, Revival.

The two-track EP was released mere days before their sold-out, headlining back-to-back DJ set at the Hollywood Palladium. Branded as “Rave Alarm," a nod to their first joint release, the show was conceptualized after garnering an abundance of positive feedback from their first collaborative performance at Insomniac's Day Trip festival.

It is there, in the storied backstage corridors of the Palladium, where we caught up with Dombresky and Noizu mere minutes before their gig. Full of eagerness and enthusiasm, we discussed their affection for early house music, Noizu's love of tequila, and Dombresky's recent fashion shake-ups. You both will soon take the stage at the famed Hollywood Palladium to a sold-out crowd. How are you feeling right now?

Dombresky: A combination of excited, stressed, and happy.

Noizu: I always get nervous about there not being enough people. I know it's sold out, but I'm still nervous that they're not gonna turn out. Your first onstage collaboration was at this summer's Day Trip festival. And you recently played together at EDC Las Vegas as well, how soon thereafter did you know you had to take your project to a big venue?

Dombresky: It was a last-minute offer, when we realized it was not that bad, we started talking about doing a show together.

Noizu: I think it's the fact that we had fun together when we played, and when we make music it's slightly different than what we individually release. It's just exciting to kind of do things together. Since you guys have been spending more time together, what's one thing you have both learned about each other that you did not know before?

Dombresky: He's a great producer. He's a really nice guy and he loves his tequila, I know that (laughs).

Noizu: The best thing I've learned from Dom is just enjoying yourself and being ready to start a party. I think I'm more shy than he is.

Dombresky: It's a good balance to have. You guys recently released the Revival EP, which includes your latest single, "Jack Machine." How has fan reception been to the EP?

Noizu: Pretty good.

Dombresky: Yeah, pretty good. I know a lot of people have been liking Jack Machine. And we love the song too, so as soon as we love it we just share the music and hope for the best. A cohesive theme that runs through your music—together and individually—is this nostalgic 90s throwback. What is it about 90's house music that is making you revisit that sound?

Noizu: I was born in the 90's, so for me, it's that.

Dombresky: I think there's a lot of interesting music from this time and the kids don't really know it.

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Dombresky: Yeah, kind of. It's a cycle, you know? it's the same in the fashion industry, it's the same in movie cinemas. Music is a cycle and we decided to go in this direction because we love this type of music. Noizu, part of your branding has been a cartoon head. Was there a reason as to why you hid behind a cartoon version of yourself?

Noizu: I was trying to rebrand and start fresh. I wanted to let the music speak for a while. Dombresky, we have to talk about your fashion sense. Bright button-up shirts, bucket hats, and of course, those small glasses. Where do you get your inspiration from?

Dombresky: You know, before the pandemic I was always wearing black; black shirts, black pants, black jacket. After experiencing Covid, I've tried to be a happier person. I decided to put some color to my outfits and I tried to find some fun things to wear. Most artists who end up collaborating on a project end up coming up with a name for the new group. Did you guys ever consider calling yourselves something other than Dombresky B2B Noizu?

Noizu: We tried.

Dombresky: Yeah we tried, but we also wanted to mix our own individual music into this rave sound.

Noizu: Yeah, we didn't want to necessarily start a new project and start from zero. What does the future hold for these back-to-back shows? Will we be seeing more pop up across the country?

Noizu: We both have our own individual projects we want to focus on. Every time we do this we want it to be special, so it has to be something like a great festival slot or venues like these. Not too often, you know? We're not gonna do back-to-backs every weekend.

Dombresky: We decided to do this for the vibe. We don't have any pressure to do this, so it's all about good energy. We just follow the vibe and see what it does. Dombresky, what is your favorite Noizu track?

Dombresky: I would say 'Summer 91'. I love that song, since the beginning. I still love it. Noizu, your turn. What's your favorite Dombresky song?

Noizu: Oh, that's easy. The obvious one is 'Soul Sacrifice.' But there's an older one, I believe it's called '909,' right?

Dombresky: Yeah, yeah, yeah. 

Noizu: I fucking love that tune.







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