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It's been just over a year since Nostalgix moved to Los Angeles, but you wouldn't know it if you flipped through her accolades.

The fast-rising house music producer and rapper embarked on an expansive North American tour. She released a dizzying string of singles and remixes on House Call Records, Night Bass, Thrive and more venerated dance labels. And last month, Nostalgix returned to her home turf of B.C. to scratch another iconic music festival off her bucket list. caught up with the Vancouver native following her explosive debut at one of Canada's most beloved electronic music festivals, Shambhala.

shambhala nostalgix

Nostalgix performs at Shambhlaha's Pagoda Stage in 2022. How does it feel playing your first Shambala coming from Vancouver, knowing the cultural relevance of this festival but never having been here?

Nostalgix: I just gotta say, it felt really right. I feel really fulfilled and my soul feels really happy. It was just one of those sets that clicked and felt right. It was a really good moment. You really took them on a journey. How have you seen the importance and success of being your own vocalist in your own songs and how has that progressed in the last few years?

Nostalgix: Honestly, I started doing the vocals on my songs because I was sick of waiting for people to send me vocals. I’m one of those people that like to do everything myself anyway, so I decided to give it a shot.

Over the last couple of years, it's become such a big staple in my music and in my sets. For me, it just adds another layer of performance that I can do and another layer of who I am as a person aside from the beat that I’m producing. Are there any artists you’re lending vocals to?

Nostalgix: Right now I’m keeping my vocals to mostly my own productions. I’m taking the time to really focus on the Nostalgix sound and the next wave of what that’s going to be. So it’s mostly working on my own vocals and productions right now. There are some collabs that I can’t really talk about that are in the works.

Nostalgix at the Pagoda Stage of Shambhlaha 2022

Nostalgix performs at Shambhlaha's Pagoda Stage in 2022. The last time we saw you was at FVDED In The Park last year. You’ve now been all over the U.S. and Canada. Where else have you played?

Nostalgix: I’ve been touring North America, so mainly just the U.S. and Canada. Where’s your favorite place to play in the U.S. then? Give us your top three.

Nostalgix: I've got to say number one was EDC because I got to play three sets and it was the most insane time of my life. I played the mainstage, at stereoBLOOM and Corona Beach. It was just an insane weekend. \

Number two is New York. I love N.Y. so much—I just think it's one of the coolest places in the world. I could totally see myself living there but the energy was really insane. I played there on the Confession Versus Night Bass Tour. It was really big family vibes and I felt like I was a part of something.

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And number three is one that people wouldn’t expect. But I did a show on the ARMNHMR tour in Fresno, California. The energy that night was something that I’d never seen up until that point. It really felt like the crowd and I was on such a good vibe that we were “one,” having the best time ever. For me, everything clicked that night and it felt really right. Oh and Shambala (laughs). So as you travel around, you’re listening to new music, updating your sets. What would you say is popping off right now, even if you don’t play it? What genre are you paying attention to right now?

Nostalgix: Right now I’ve been vibing with techno. Like you might hear a drop or two in a Nostalgix set but for me, I think it's very cool. It has a cool style and aesthetic to it. I’ve been on that vibe recently. I wouldn’t personally make techno—I just like the vibe.

Nostalgix at the Pagoda Stage, Shambhala Music Festival 2022

Nostalgix performs at Shambhlaha's Pagoda Stage in 2022. When can we expect Nostalgix in Europe so you can experience some real techno? Amsterdam, London, Berlin—they're a must.

Nostalgix: That’s definitely one of my big goals is to tour Europe. It will happen… I actually did play at ADE in 2018. Before I ever had an agent or manager, I kinda acted as an agent and manager and made fake emails for those roles, and I went and I was gonna go play the show. It was with Fraudulent Records and Morris Sir Blanc so they were doing like a bass house takeover.

So I was thinking that if I was going to go to an ADE show I want to do a Europe tour. I filled in the pieces and reached out to all these clubs and booked myself a tour with like five shows. I did this show in the middle of a cave in Habblestat, Germany. Craziest thing I’ve ever seen. I want to do that again. As soon as you go across the pond, it’s a whole new level. Especially ADE specifically. Shoutout ADE!

Nostalgix: Shoutout to all the Europeans out there! I think it's just such a different energy out there with the people, culture, the food is amazing, and all the places to see. It’s a cool thing to see and be a part of. One day we’ll be there again. Would you ever start your own record label? And who would be your first three signees if money was no object?

Nostalgix: Okay. No one has ever asked me these questions. It's actually one of my goals down the line is to have my own record label because I want to be able to bring up other artists and support upcoming talent. It’s cool to be able to create a community and something bigger beyond yourself.

I look at someone like AC Slater and what he’s done with Night Bass and how much he’s helped me out when I was just starting my career. It makes me really want to do it for other people. But who would I sign on? Michael Sparks, he’s fire. AC Slater. Dr. Fresh. What’s next for Nostalgix?

Nostalgix: Show-wise, I have a crazy summer tour happening that’s going on right now. I’m going to be performing at two festivals every week until the end of August. I’m really excited for each performance—they will all be unique and original in their own way.

Music-wise, that’s basically what I work on all week. I’m working on some projects that I can’t really talk about right now. I’ve only been touring for a year now and I’ve really been channeling that energy of being on the go and having fun and meeting people. There’s been a lot of fun, upbeat energy around me and you’ll hear that in my records coming out by the end of the year and next year. I’m in this fun era in my life and I’m channeling that into my music.

Take a listen to Nostalgix's latest single, "Heat Rush," below.




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