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ARTY and ALPHA 9 are one Russian musician, producer, and DJ by the name of Artem Stoliarov. He has been releasing under his two aliases nonstop throughout 2018. At 29 years old, Stoliarov has already collaborated with some of he largest names in electronic music like Armin van Buuren, Above & Beyond and Paul van Dyk - just to name a few. He has also appeared multiple times in the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs awards series. 

The past year proved to be one of great success, with consistent releases from both projects throughout 2018. It took a combination of meaningful solo tracks and collaborations that allowed some of Stoliarov's progressive house roots to come forward, while laying the groundwork for the year to come. had the opportunity to interview Stoliarov on the dynamic between his two aliases. Read what he had to say below. You’ve had a nonstop year, between releasing tracks for both ARTY and ALPHA 9 and touring all over the world. What inspired you to separate the projects and put more individual focus on each one this past year? 

Artem Stoliarov: There were a lot of factors coming together, to be honest. When I focused on my debut album back in 2013, I decided to explore more genres and give myself a break from the progressive/trance scene for a bit so I could be more open to new sounds and styles, because discovering something new does make me better as a producer. And at some point, my fans might have thought that I was abandoning my roots, but that was not the case - I just needed a long break. When I finally felt that the time was right - and I felt inspired and recharged enough - I brought back ALPHA 9 and made it my progressive/trance alter ego. I’m extremely respectful to my fans, I hear them out, and mostly, the ALPHA 9 project is a dedication to them.

Also, by 2017 I finally hit the point where the separation of my styles was needed. I do love to produce both house/progressive house and progressive/trance genres but I think it was important to show people what they should expect from both projects and the exact directions I’m taking with both ARTY and ALPHA 9, musically and live shows wise. 

What emotions guide you through each alias’ style?

I definitely feel more encouraged to make more uplifting and commercially appealing music with my ARTY records. It’s the style that I personally want to listen to on dance radio or play in my live shows - upbeat, and yet still emotional. I’ve been experimenting a lot lately with my sound for ARTY, doing more old school house and progressive house records, and I love where it's going so far. For ALPHA 9, it’s raw emotions and cinematic sounds - a combination of everything I’ve learned from the beginning of my career with all of the experience I’ve had throughout many years being in the scene. There is no control and no direction as to what ALPHA 9 music is going to sound like, it’s whatever I feel right at the moment when I’m working on new ideas. 

Could you share any special stories or influences behind any of ALPHA 9’s original tracks released like “You and I” or ARTY’s “Tim?”  

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Both tracks have extremely special meaning to me. They're the most personal tracks I’ve ever made and they're based on the heartbreaking experiences and moments I have gone through in my life. The best way I could express myself was through the music. I don’t really think the explanation from me is needed here, those tracks do it much better.

What can we expect from each of your projects in 2019 with all of the fuel you’re currently feeding them? 

I have a new single coming out this month and I personally think it's the best record I’ve created so far, so I’ve never been this excited in my entire career - probably both stressed out and excited! The anticipation from my fans is a bit overwhelming at this point, but my team and I worked so hard on this song, so everything about it feels right. There are also tons of new tracks that will come out at some point next year, but so far I’m testing them out in my live sets. For ALPHA 9 I’m digging into a deeper surface and want to explore deeper sounds, even more cinematic and thoughtful. It’s very exciting to see where the project is shifting.

What release finished out 2018? 

20 tracks were released over both ARTY and ALPHA 9 projects this year! The final song of 2018 was an ARTY song called “Velvet,” which is part of a compilation put together by my friend Ninja, Fortnite’s leading streamer. I think it’s a strong ending for such a busy and exciting year for me.

What else can you share with your listeners about this year and your thoughts about your progress this year and what’s to come? 

I think I was pretty vocal about where both projects are heading next year, and I can only thank my fans for such incredible support in 2018. I gave all of myself to music creation and I got amazing feedback! Literally, it’s really hard to ask for more, and the only thing I can say - 2019 is going be even better!






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