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In another life, electronic producer Sam Dobkin, who performs under his alias Trivecta, was a business major at the University of South Florida, utterly confused by his roommates’ fascination with EDM.

“I was like, 'Screw this, it’s the same kick drum on every beat.' I hated it,” Dobkin told "But then, plot twist, producing it was really hard, and in doing it I found music I liked." 

Fast forward a few years and the 29-year-old is celebrating the release of his first EP, Everyday, out today via Ophelia Records. The four-track project, including the previously released “Leave It All Behind” with Fagin, is an innovative fusion of indie folk music and the melodic bass championed by the label, and features Dobkin himself playing all of the instruments. Major influences include Mumford & Sons and Of Monsters and Men on the band side and Avicii, who pioneered the unique sound, on the electronic side, Trivecta divulged.

His inspirations are evident throughout the EP, from the soothing acoustic guitar melody launching the project in “Intro (The Feeling Of It All)” to the chorale-like vocal line in the closing “Everyday” with Rico & Miella. With bright, melodic bass drops and anthemic vocalist features, Everyday is an immersive exploration of new ground in the electronic world—one dubbed “folk bass” by his fans.

“To watch that niche get carved out and become filled with something I’ve been working on for so many years is so cool,” Dobkin said. “This is my first time really trying to make something that hasn’t been made before.”

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It’s certainly a bold move for an artist to switch up their sound for an entire EP, and even bolder for a debut EP. Backing Dobkin along the way has been his family at Ophelia Records, the imprint  spearheaded by Seven Lions. Trivecta listed Wooli, Kill The Noise and Seven Lions himself as major backers, giving him the confidence to pursue something new. He even compared Seven Lions to Lebron James, declaring, “He forces you to level up without even meaning to. It raises the bar.”

Joining a team of like-minded melodic bass producers has also given Dobkin a “game changing” family within the electronic music scene, providing him with an entire group of creators to bounce ideas off of. It’s helped him gain the confidence to work through and develop new concepts, and lead to more complex music.

“When I ran this EP through everybody, the feedback was like, ‘Oh man, I’m onto something.’ If I’d run that by some other dudes, there’s a good chance they wouldn’t have gotten it, and the idea might’ve gotten stuck in my head,” Dobkin said. “The entire group has made me feel empowered, and like there’s weight behind my thoughts.”

It’s also been an especially valuable community during the COVID-19 pandemic. They’ve been talking every day on WhatsApp and messing with each other on social media, including Dobkin’s steak-making battles with Wooli. With his 19-date tour supporting Dabin and MitiS on hold, it’s a daily challenge to stay positive. He does so by keeping busy with his 20 guitar students, who he now teaches virtually, and working on new music, including two collaborations with Seven Lions. And, like the rest of the music industry, he’s looking forward to the day he can once again hop on stage and perform.

“I envision being able to celebrate with the crowd for my first live show back,” Dobkin said. “I imagine the crowd being able to sing along to these songs and me singing along with them, and it being a really special moment.” 




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