A creative TikTok user has gone viral lately after engineering a trash can into a speaker dubbed the Blast Bin and sharing footage of tunes being played on it.

With this new invention, you'll be able to subtly let your friends know how you really feel about their SoundCloud mixes when you play their set on a trash can. All jokes aside, the speaker itself is quite impressive and well-engineered, as you can see in the embedded videos from his Instagram page.

As previously mentioned, the creator did a great job with his build as the sound is actually pretty solid considering it's coming out of a literal trash can. It's funny to see how he packed so much power into the bin that it lifts the lid with each bass punch. 

Interestingly enough, one commenter questioned what would happen if he taped the lid down, the hilarious results of which you can see yourself below.

Check out all of Blast Bin's videos and submit song suggestions for consideration on the official TikTok page here.



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