Long-time Daft Punk collaborator Cédric Hervet and his cousin, Nicolas Hervet, were enlisted to overhaul the interior of Hong Kong's Cassio nightclub. 

For 15 years, Cédric acted as Daft Punk's creative director. His contributions are immeasurable and include album design as well as stage production for their 2014 Grammys performance. 

Cédric claims that the elegance and festive atmosphere led to their remodel being inspired by The Great Gatsby. “When we first discovered Cassio and the elegance of the place combined with the festive atmosphere, we immediately pictured The Great Gatsby,” he told Tatler. “We thought it could be interesting to create a bridge between the 1920s and today.”

The cousin duo did a magnificent job communicating their vision, expertly capturing an old-school feel with brass accents and walnut wood while including a handful of futuristic pieces. Check out photos below. 

Cassio Nightclub, Hong Kong

Hong Kong's Chassio nightclub.

Cassio Nightclub, Hong Kong

Hong Kong's Chassio nightclub.

Source: Tatler



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