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Daft Punk's helmets may soon be mass-produced in LEGO brick form. 

In January 2021, one ambitious LEGO modeler named Eliot O’Brien submitted a product idea inspired by the enigmatic robots themselves. With enough support from the LEGO community, O'Brien's submission could end up in a store near you.

LEGO IDEAS is a product submission platform whereby imaginative LEGO builders and 3-D modelers have an opportunity to showcase their creations. For the chance to be reviewed by the LEGO team and potentially receive an official product launch, submissions must first reach at least 10,000 supporters.

O'Brien's Daft Punk submission flawlessly nails the presentation on Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homen-Christo's iconic helmets to the pixel. Perching both pieces on stands, the sleek helmets look ready for display in the home of any electronic music fan. 

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Daft Punk's iconic helmets, modeled and on display in LEGO form.

Daft Punk's iconic helmets, modeled and on display in LEGO form.

In bringing the vision to life, O'Brien says the biggest hurdle was navigating the curvature of the helmets.

"The mainly-curved shapes were a great challenge to figure out with Lego bricks, especially with Guy-Manuel's helmet, though the windscreen from the UCS Slave-I proved to be an invaluable asset," O'Brien said. "Though the builds use a lot of chrome pieces, they could be substituted for the more common flat silver and pearl gold colours without compromising too much on the overall look."

At the time of writing, O'Brien's work has received just shy of 5,000 votes of approval thus far. However, after receiving a Staff Pick spotlight feature from the LEGO team this week, it's likely that many more eyes are about to reach the project. 

Head over to LEGO IDEAS to support the Daft Punk product model and view the submission's full photo gallery.


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