With no festivals or clubs to conjure the magic of their new album thanks to the unwavering wrath of COVID-19, Disclosure have ventured into the capacious world of Minecraft to activate the forthcoming record, Energy.

With the help of design collective Blockworks, the barnstorming electronic music tandem unveiled the "ENERGY Minecraft Experience" today, revealing an expansive world within the wildly popular sandbox video game. Designed to animate the kinetic sound of the duo's highly anticipated third studio album—their first in 5 years—the digital landscape is a dazzling actualization not only of their Grammy Award-nominated sonic flair, but also their dedication to environmental preservation.

Screen Shot 2020-08-25 at 11.23.37 AM

After the album official drops this Friday, August 28th, fans can join Disclosure’s dedicated video game server and traverse their voluminous Minecraft world, which spans one miles in each direction and was meticulously designed to mirror the record's cover art. They are able to wander through the "metaverse," which will be live for one week, and roam through cavernous mountain ranges, lush forests, and glittering oceans.

What makes Disclosure's Minecraft world so special though, is the marketing play by Island Records. In addition to placing easter eggs around the map in the form of hidden Energy songs, users will also stumble on a litany of clues as they roam, which will lead them to unlock three hidden clubs within the game. One of them mirrors Disclosure member Guy Lawrence's kitchen, where the duo livestreamed DJ sets following the onset of COVID-19. Rolling Stone points out that the other two clubs appear to be inspired by London’s Printworks and Ibiza’s DC10.

Twisting the knife into the musical infusion behind their gaming initiative, Disclosure is also set to provide a soundtrack to the experience via a megamix, which will flaunt music from Energy as well as a slew of classics from their venerated discography.

Check out the official trailer below. Disclosure's Energy LP will drop this Friday, August 28th. You can play the "ENERGY Minecraft Experience" here.


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