DJ Tennis' Life and Death imprint has been a staple in the electronic scene over the past ten years, with a sharp focus on soulful and melodic house music. To celebrate the label's tenth anniversary, the brand launched a new website with a slew of exclusive content and features. 

The freshly minted site features new releases, podcasts, one-of-a-kind merchandise, and editorial pieces for those who wish to delve into the trippy world of Life And Death. It also features a brand new subscription service called Passengers for mega-fans seeking exclusive and early bird content. 

"Especially now during this global crisis, our Life and Death Passengers subscription is our way of connecting and interacting directly with our fans around the globe," said Life And Death representatives in a statement. "We're excited to expand our support of the artists and creators we’ve linked up with through our world travels and international events; our Store and Stories sections will amplify our support of the musicians, visual artists, fashion designers, and other creatives that we’ve collaborated alongside, all stemming from our shared love of the music."

The subscription service costs $8 monthly and includes discounts, pre-sale tickets, monthly tracks, giveaway opportunities, and more. By signing up for the website’s inaugural newsletter, subscribers will also receive a free download of an unreleased Life and Death track and a 10% discount voucher toward purchasing Life and Death merchandise via the website’s Store section. 

"Life and Death TV" will also launch later this month, featuring even more exclusive music and content. To keep up with DJ Tennis' Life and Death banner, or to become a Passenger, visit the new website at here.