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There's nothing more wholesome than a father and son working together on a LEGO project. Combine that with a love and appreciation for one of the most iconic acts in electronic music and you have yourself a family that will make you say "goals." That is exactly what happened when Patrick Harboun and his son took on the challenge of transforming Daft Punk's legendary Alive 2007 stage design for a competition hosted by the LEGO Group and Universal Music Group

The new partnership called for fans to "show off your love of music using LEGO bricks," with the chance of being selected to be turned into official sets sold by the long-standing toy company. “We know music is a huge passion for so many children, it has an incredible ability to engage and unite children and their families, just like the LEGO brick," said The LEGO Group CMO Julia Goldin. "This partnership will see us celebrate the power of merging music and the LEGO System in Play, providing children with a whole new way to creatively express themselves by bringing to life music in their own world, their own way." 

When Harboun took on the challenge, he used his son's love of the duo as an inspiration. "My son’s favorite song when he was 1 was 'Get Lucky' (actually it was the only song he was willing to listen, although, to keep our sanity and be allowed to listen to other songs in our life, my wife and I eventually managed to extend his appreciation to the whole Daft Punk discography)," he said. 

The result is awe-inducing, and would undoubtedly make both Daft Punk and their stage designers smile with pride. When the Alive 2007 stage made its debut, the world stopped to watch. It was one of the most revolutionary designs of LED lights and construction that music had seen at the time and its innovation led the way for the production we see today.

“Lego has always been a big part of our lives,” writes Harboun under the video of his and his son’s creation, which you can watch below. “So it was just a matter of time before we remixed our 2 passions together. There are quite a few Lego Daft Punk projects on the web but we thought we could take it to the next level, by making it more accurate and simulating the upcoming Lego Night Mode (for which we’re super excited).”

H/T: DJ Mag


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