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Canadian financial company Interac has teamed up with Zulu Alpha Kilo to create an app that will turn your spending habits into music.

"Sound of Spending" invites users to input their expenditures for categories like entertainment, food, consumer goods, and household bills from the past 12 months. The platform's algorithm then uses the data to generate a an electronic song using synthesizers, marimbas, harps, and other instruments.

The higher the spending, the higher the notes and tempo will be. Spending less equates to slower, more languid tunes. 

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The app was built so Canadians could better understand—and have fun with—their finances. Interac believes that "Sound of Spending" will better help them connect with their tech-savvy customers.

"To generate the song, we used millions of Interac debit transactions, tracked across different merchant categories for a year and a half," ZAK's creative director Wain Choi told Muse by Clio. "It shows an incline in spending during the grocery shopping frenzy before the lockdown—then a sharp drop-off as everyone stayed home. Following that, there's a slow and steady rise. Overall, we can see and hear an economy that's steadily recovering back to its pre-pandemic levels."

You can listen to a song created by the app using data on Canadians' spending here. The track certainly isn't a Billboard chart-topper, but it shows how powerful AI is getting. It won't be long until AI writes articles about humans writing music. 


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