Bill Clinton has infiltrated the music community due to a viral meme trend.

Memes of the former US president holding vinyl records have spread like wildfire on Instagram, adding yet another bizarre viral moment to Clinton's résumé. Now, thanks to a website called, you can create one for yourself with customized record picks.

The handy site is as user-friendly as it gets. Right after visiting, the template pops up. Users simply use the search bar to locate the album artwork, which they then insert into the available vinyl slots. Then just click the "Generate Swag" button, and voilà.

It's not uncommon for old memes to find new life in the bottomless vortex of revolving Internet content, especially during a global pandemic that has everyone glued to the blue light of their screens for exorbitant amounts of time. According to Know Your Meme, was formed back in 2012, and the original Clinton picture can be traced back to a 1999 article by infamous satirical publication The Onion.