Due to an unprecedented number of locust invasions on their farmlands, many Indian farmers are resorting to unorthodox means of fighting against the pesky insects, which are decimating their crops.

According to a report published in Singapore-based news outlet The Straits Times, farmers are lighting firecrackers, clanging pots and pans, and even blasting electronic dance music in their efforts to ward off the locusts. 

The locust invasions are the worst that farmers have seen in the last 26 years and local officials have struggled mightily in their efforts to contain them. Swarms reportedly began to migrate from Pakistan and Iran back in April following the worst outbreak in decades in eastern Africa, which was precipitated by high rainfall and, in turn, favorable breeding weather.

In search of food due to the diminished availability of vegetation in the summer months, the locusts have descended on farms in India and annihilated scores of valuable crops, truncating farmers' incomes in the midst of a global pandemic.

Check out the video below, which shows farmers blasting EDM through a giant speaker system in the middle of their fields.