Coming this week from the multi-talented digital artist and sound designer, Edwin Montgomery, is a new video game called Isolationist Nightclub Simulator. For years, he's been celebrated by his peers in the industry and his work has been included in games involving major franchises like Wasteland, Dungeons & Dragons, Warhammer 40,000, and Game of Thrones, among others. Now, Montgomery is taking on the world of electronic music with his new surreal adventure.

Alongside the listing for the game on Steam, a brief description on what players can expect was shared.

In a dark and familiar future, a mysterious plague has all but shut down life on earth's surface. From the safety of your bunker, enter this vivid simulation and transport yourself to a futuristic, neon and smoke drenched nightclub where you can create your own music, enjoy a virtual drink, and explore the whole labyrinthine club (including a dance floor, bar, arcade machines, enormous indoor garden and art gallery). This blend of walking simulator, music creation game and relax-em-up immersive sim has a little something for everyone.

On YouTube, Montgomery shared a trailer of the upcoming game, giving fans a small look at the cyberpunk-styled journey they will soon embark on.

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As shown in the trailer, players will be able to partake in a number of activities during their trip through the psychedelic club. Virtual instruments like synthesizers and drum machines will be available for use, allowing players to create their own songs in-game. There will also be numerous arcade games scattered throughout the venue, providing some mini-game entertainment. 

While the journey is single-player only, there's an interesting messaging feature that connects players around the world. Using an in-game terminal, players can write messages that will randomly appear inside other players' versions of the game. For those looking to escape the music for a moment, the trailer also showcases a "chill-out room" that seemingly transports those who enter to outdoor environments, like a forest or desert.

Edwin Montgomery's Isolationist Nightclub Simulator will be released on PC and Mac on Thursday, March 11th, 2021 via Steam. You can wishlist the upcoming game here.


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