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deadmau5 and Kaskade are putting your ability to escape the matrix to the test. 

A month after revealing their stunning debut single "Escape," Kx5 have released a new game designed in the spirit of the track. Developed by WOLF72, the "Escape" video game is an 8-bit, 2-D platformer that allows players to navigate the grid as either Kaskade or deadmau5.


If "Escape" wasn't bouncing around in your head previously, playing this simple and addictive arcade style game will certainly make it so.

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Players must scale platforms, avoid hazardous spike traps, dodge speeding Lamborghinis and flatten virtual enemies by jumping on top of them. Along the way, collect diamonds and dog tokens in order to enhance your score. Make your precious lives count and reach the trophy at the end of each level using the arrow keys alone in order to continue navigating the matrix.

Kx5 continue to build excitement as the duo's debut live performance at EDC Las Vegas 2022 looms. You can test your skills at the official "Escape" video game here.


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