After three years of meticulous renovations, the flagship STMPD RCRDS studio of international dance music superstar Martin Garrix is finally complete.

Following its acquisition in 2017, Garrix and his team flung into an intricate renovation project for the recording studios, which have been transformed into a breathatking, cutting-edge complex. Three brand new studios were introduced into the building in addition to the refurbishment of its five existing studios, and each was given its own style in terms of appearance and equipment. Perhaps most stunning is the Mix Stage, a studio dedicated to cinema mixing with an immersive Dolby Atmos Premier Studio system, which represents "Dolby's highest certification of a dubbing stage's technical excellence."

According to a press release issued to announce the revamp, the studio has already welcomed many of the music industry's corps d'elite, including Big Sean, OneRepublic, Yungblud, Young Thug, David Guetta, and Drea Dury in addition to many production companies and agencies, like Netflix, ABC, and CBS.

In an official statement, Garrix waxed poetic about the project and tipped his hat to the tireless efforts put forth by his team.

I’m so incredibly proud of what we have managed to accomplish with the studios. It’s one of my favorite places to be, since the atmosphere is like nowhere else. The team always works tirelessly to make everyone feel at home and make sure they get the best possible result. I’m super happy with the outcome of the renovation and am looking forward to record lots of music here.

You can check out the refurbished studio complex below.