An All-Star NHL goalie all jacked up on Tiësto bangers is a scary opponent.

In a recent interview with Complex Canada, Vegas Golden Knights goalie Marc-André Fleury admitted that he blasts EDM before games to get pumped up before taking the ice. "I’m not too picky about my music, but usually going into the game I like something with some beats. I don’t know, more EDM maybe," Fleury said. "I like Calvin Harris, Tiësto, stuff like that."

In the midst of the rekindled 2020 hockey season, which had been stifled due to the impact of COVID-19, Fleury recently tied the NHL record with his staggering 14th consecutive postseason appearance. It's the longest active streak among any player in the four major professional leagues, MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL.

Perhaps it was Tiësto's "Maximal Crazy" or Harris' "C.U.B.A." that led to heroic, absolutely ridiculous glove saves like the one below.