Healthcare workers the world over are receiving well-deserved thanks for their ongoing and tireless efforts in the fight against the global COVID-19 pandemic. The government of Ibiza has made a grand gesture to show their gratitude to National Health Service workers by giving them a free holiday on the island next year. 

"Together For Health Heroes" is an initiative backed by the Ibiza government that aims to reward European healthcare workers for their efforts battling against COVID-19 this year. The initiative seeks to "find at least 1,000 best in class accommodation providers in Europe and give back to these healthcare heroes in 2021."

According to a statement from Ibiza tourism councillor Juan Miguel Costa, the island wants to "compensate those who have looked after us, risking their lives in many cases, and who deserve that we all do our share to make sure they have holidays that meet high expectations." Furthermore, Turkish Airlines has chipped in to provide a 40% discount for travel accommodations to get to and from the island. 

"Together For Health Heroes" will provide the benefits outside of Ibiza's peak months (April, May, and October), and all NHS staff who register will receive free and discounted amenities to enjoy the island in all its glory. A massive thank you, indeed.