Because why not, the official Pokémon YouTube channel uploaded a DJ set from Pikachu—and it's electric.

You'll be shocked (sorry, can't help these puns) to hear a few remixes of the video game's iconic music. DJ Pikachu provides a jolt of old-school trap music right off the bat, dropping a remix of the 8-bit track that appeared on the title screen of the Pokémon Red and Blue Game Boy versions from 1996. He then cranks up the voltage with a drum & bass-hyperpop rework of the song while the camera frames him with the cheesy zoom-ins of an early 2000s DIY DJ hype reel.

Situated in a miniature digitized DJ booth and flanked by an "amazing LED light show," DJ Pikachu seems to be using our 90s Game Boy money to fund a promising DJ career. Word is he's already rumored to be performing at Coachella in 2022.

Check out the video below.


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