A recently released biography may have revealed Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex's affinity for dance music. Authors Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand discovered that after his first date with Meghan, Duchess of Sussex—then Meghan Markle—he followed her on Instagram using a secret account. Interestingly enough, his username was inspired by iconic Canadian EDM producer deadmau5

In Finding Freedom, Scobie and Durand write that the couple dated in secret, but after their first encounter, she followed a user by the name of "SpikeyMau5." The page was a private account that donned a profile picture of deadmau5's iconic mau5head. They then go on to explain why Prince Harry chose that name and how it was inspired by one of his favorite artists and a former alias he had used in the past.

A big house music fan, he crafted the pseudonym by using part of the name of one of his favorite DJs, deadmau5. Spikey came from a Facebook alias that Harry used for an account he had under the name of Spike Wells. ‘Spike’ was a nickname sometimes used for the prince, particularly by Scotland Yard officers.

At the time of writing, the account is active but is set to private. It has 0 posts, no profile picture, and is following only two undisclosed users. It's worth noting that the "bio" section of the profile reads, "Not Prince Harry," leading some to believe that he deactivated the account and it is now owned by someone else who is poking fun at the findings.

Credit: Vanity Fair


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