Fashion meets function with these rave-friendly jewelry pieces from MIGLĖ, a Berlin-based brand who has released a line of earring-earplug hybrids.

MIGLĖ' teamed up with Happy Ears, a prominent reusable earplug manufacturer, to develop the earrings. The unique pieces function as both a practical solution to ear protection and a fashion statement at nightclubs, festivals, and raves should they ever return in the wake of COVID-19. The jewelry is also gender-neutral and created for people from all walks of life to flaunt with confidence.

Founded by Lithuanian designer Miglė Kazlauskaitė, MIGLĖ released the products to foster their mission of elevating the earplug beyond its natural functionality as a music accessory. They believe earplugs can be bona fide "club couture" pieces while doubling as high fidelity plugs for fans of live music.

You can find out more about MIGLĖ's products here.


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