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A grand piano transformed into a cavernous grand hall; a clarinet reimagined as a majestically bottomless tunnel—with individual names like "The Cello Once Hit By a Train" and "The Exquisite Architecture of Steinway," a new series of photographs by Charles Brooks turns the oft-overlooked interiors of instruments into majestic works of art.

And it's not just classic instruments that the New Zealand photographer highlights in "Architecture in Music." Others include an Australian didgeridoo hollowed out by termites, a 1780-era cello (which, yes, was once hit by a train) and a wooden flute crafted out of local New Zealand timber.

Charles Brooks.

Charles Brooks.

To create each image, Brooks uses specialized lenses to capture hundreds of photographs of an instrument's interior. Those frames are then layered and blended into one unique picture, edited to mimic sweeping spaces and whimsical architecture.

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"I found myself in awe of the craftsmanship and attention to detail of parts of the instrument that no one except a technician would ever see," Brooks wrote on social media. 

"Typically a close up photo like this would be mostly blurry, so I used a technique called focus stacking to keep them sharp from front to back," he continues. "This involves taking a series of approximately 100 photos per image, slowly adjusting the focus for each one, then running them through special software to merge the sharp part of the photo. The result appears to be a cavernous like space that invites you to walk through."

Check out some of our favorites below and view Brooks' full collection here. A limited numbers of prints are available now. 


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