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Editor's Note: This article contains spoilers for the season finale of The Mandalorian Season 2. 

Alongside its creative storylines, attention to detail, and unbelievable fan-service, one of the highlights of The Mandalorian is its music. Fitting for a show set in the universe of the most iconic sci-fi story ever told, Ludwig Göransson took home an Emmy Award for his work last year. While impressive, it was expected; the Star Wars franchise didn't become the behemoth it is today through mediocrity. What is surprising, though, is Göransson's decision to use dubstep in his score for one of the most exciting scenes in the season finale of the second season. 

Without giving too much away, in a scene featuring the activation of the elite-level villains—the Dark Troopers—a dubstep song is played throughout. As shown in the video below, the menacing sci-fi aesthetic is taken to the next level with the sound of the bass-heavy tune in what can only be described as what Excision sees in his dreams. 

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The song is titled "Troopers" and can be listened to in its entirety on the series' official soundtrack. Like most of the other songs featured in the show, it begins with dramatic orchestral production before shifting gears and integrating some wobbly, metallic bass. In an exciting development for fans of electronic music, it's fascinating to see a musician as renowned as Göransson take on the genre.

Fans may remember that late last year, during the show's first season, Virtual Riot shared a video showing that his samples were used in the production of the show. Unlike the Göransson original, Virtual Riot's audio was only used as a quick sound effect for a fight scene. While brief, the bass music world still celebrated the inclusion of one of their brightest production minds in the sci-fi juggernaut.

The final episode of Season 2 of The Mandalorian premiered on December 18th on Disney+. Subscribers to the video service can stream both seasons of the Star Wars spin-off today.


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