Following a sweeping music industry blackout on Tuesday, June 2nd, a litany of record labels, streaming services, brands, and artists have implemented robust programs and donated millions of dollars to organizations fighting for racial equality and justice following George Floyd's death. As nationwide protests continue to mount, many in the dance music community have made their efforts to support the Black Lives Matter movement known.

One such supporter is Dirtybird, the beloved house and techno label that has grown to become one of the biggest tastemakers in electronic music. At a recent protest in Detroit, activists marched through the streets and chanted while using a Dirtybird song as a soundtrack, prompting the label to react on Twitter. "People protesting with our music. We are proud," they wrote.

In the video, which was widely shared on social media, you can hear Bruno Furlan's single "Line Five" playing while protestors ride through the streets on a custom vehicle, causing others to dance and join in as they advance. You can watch the video in full and check out Dirtybird's reaction below.