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Just last week, fans of 1788-L received a glimmer of hope when the mysterious producer unveiled a cryptic new website, signaling the possibility of a return. The hunch has proven to be correct and a new EP has arrived. The highly-anticipated Parallel: S is out now via Deadbeats, marking his first release since 2019. 

Parallel: S symbolizes a new era for 1788-L, showcasing an evolution in his distinctive sound. The two-track EP's lead single "Automation" draws inspiration from Daft Punk with its groovy melodies, vocoded vocals, and brash kickdrum pattern. It's a welcomed sense of nostalgia since the robots' recent departure.

"Human Machine," while not homogenous in nature to its counterpart, feels like the perfect accompaniment to express the diverse, experimental nature of his stylings. 1788-L replaces the punchy electro beats with much heavier bass, creating a cinematic soundscape filled with frenetic percussion, rippling analog synths, and epic drum programming. 

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With Parallel: S, we see 1788-L showcase a stunning maturity within the experimental dance space. It's these unique types of productions that have catapulted the self-proclaimed android to the level he operates at today. His rise has been swift and mighty, bursting from the ether with tracks such as “Sound of Where’d You Go” with Illenium & Said The Sky, “HEX” with REZZ, and his most recent track “Momentary Lapse” with The Glitch Mob.

1788-L is gearing up for a brand new live show to coincide with the new EP. Fans can see him in action at HARD Summer on Sunday, August 1st, 2021. 

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