With no clear light at the end of the pandemic's tunnel in sight, many people are experienced a phenomenon known as "quarantine fatigue," a behavioral instinct to return to pre-COVID-19 societal habits despite posing a danger to others. Speaking to TODAY recently, Melanie Ross Mills, a family relationship expert in Dallas, said, “We are created to bond and connect. We suffer when our social bonds are broken."

In harrowing times like this, when we must comply with stay-at-home ordinances in order to keep ourselves and others safe, it's easy to become stir-crazy and lose your sense of self. Enter Above & Beyond, who are doing their best to combat the psychologic pitfalls associated with the global lockdown by releasing Flow State Meditations on their Anujabeats banner.

Back in summer 2019, Above & Beyond crafted 17 downtempo, ambient compositions that eschewed the kinetic dance music elements of their typical sound. Described by the group as "music tools for yoga, mindfulness, and mental fitness," the project spawned yoga sessions that were hosted in 17 cities in collaboration with New York-based yogi Elena Brower and DAYBREAKER, a morning dance community consisting of over 500,000 people around the world.

Brewer now partners up with the iconic trance trio for the second iteration of Flow State along with fellow wellness professionals ChauKei Ngai, Veronica Blume, and Hanan Alshehri.

To celebrate the release of Flow State Meditations, Above & Beyond's Anjunabeats imprint is also hosting a week of wellness livestream events on its Twitch channel alongside its regular #AnjunaUnlocked schedule. You can check out the full schedule below.

Flow State Meditations is available in English, Mandarin, Spanish, and Arabic, and you can stream the project in its entirety here.

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