The wait is finally over for the Anjunabeats family because "Reverie" is finally here. This Above & Beyond ID had been at the top of everyone's release wishlist since its debut at Group Therapy 350 in Prague last year. It's one of those instant tear-inducing tracks that sends chills down your spine as soon as longtime collaborator Zoë Johnston unleashes her angelic voice upon us.  

As the title proclaims, the single will transport the listener into a state of daydream. In the release, they've included both a club mix and extended mix to power you through the weekend and beyond. "Reverie" definitely has all the elements to be the trio's next big hit, channeling the same sensations "Good for Me" and "Alchemy" coursed through us back in 2006 and 2011. The track is tranquil electronica in its purest form, filled with gentle vocals and soothing, arpeggiating synths that make it feel like you're wrapped up in the dreamscape they've created. One thing is for certain—whenever the trio and Johnston enter the studio together, magic is soon to follow.

The iconic trance trio have been doing their part during these troubling times, recently releasing the second iteration of Flow State Meditations while also hosting a week of wellness livestreams on the Anjunabeats Twitch channel to help combat the psychological turmoil many are facing. They also released "We're All In This Together (Above & Beyond Respray)" in April, which highlights the frontline workers fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.