Above & Beyond keep the music coming.

The second single from Above & Beyond's forthcoming Common Ground Companion EP has arrived. Out today, their new song "Distorted Truth" is a classic trance track that sonically will feel familiar to longtime fans of the trio.

Shortly after the new year, Above & Beyond announced their Common Ground Companion EP is due out this spring on March 29th. With the announcement came the first single of the project, the euphoric "Flying By Candlelight." Meanwhile, their second single "Distorted Truth" stands in stark contrast in tone and structure. Both singles were premiered at ABGT300 in Hong Kong last year.

Above & Beyond's EP is comprised of music made during their 2018 album recording process for Common Ground that was not cut for the album. "Northern Soul," a single from Common Ground, is also up for a Grammy Award this Sunday. 

Listen to "Distorted Truth" here and stay tuned for Above & Beyond's full EP release on March 29th.


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