Adventure Club and Yuna have released a follow-up collaboration that is nearly seven years in the making. The artists took the burgeoning bass music community by storm in 2013 with their iconic collaboration "Gold" and now, in 2020, they're aiming to do it again with their latest offering, "Rebellious."

Among the initial purveyors of melodic bass, Adventure Club find themselves in their prime element on this record. Yuna's rallying vocal carries a commanding, melodic presence that builds up to the track's peak. The Canadian dance music duo further escalate the energy, layering in bright melodies and driving, textured chords. Despite the time that has passed since "Gold," Adventure Club and Yuna seemingly have not missed a beat. 

Yuna has primarily been focusing her efforts on her solo R&B career, though her contributions in the dance music space continue to be impactful. The "Lullabies" songstress recently released her album Rouge which featured G-Eazy and Tyler, The Creator in 2019. 

Adventure Club continue to build excitement for their hotly anticipated sophomore album, which is expected out in late summer. It has been over three years since the duo's debut Red // Blue was released.