Afrojack and Dubvision's latest single is a perfect sound for the height of the 2019 festival season. "Back to Life" via Armada Music sees the two producers doing what they do best by dropping a feelgood anthem designed specifically for the main stage.

"Back to Life" is driven largely by a soulful vocal for the first minute of the track, before a euphoric drop takes center stage in the arrangement. Even though Afrojack has ventured into pop territory of late, his skill at putting together festival hits is as evident as ever. "Back to Life" is sure to find its way into countless DJ sets as the summer draws to a close.

Afrojack and Dubvision are no strangers to working together. As recently as 2017, they collaborated on "New Memories," which comprised a similarly anthemic concept on the same label.

Stream or download Afrojack and Dubvision's "Back to Life" via Armada Music across platforms here.