Denver-based melodic dubstep duo Afterlite have quietly been on the rise, producing some of the most forward-thinking melodic dubstep originals and remixes in recent memory. Recently, they released an impressive remix of Omri's "Demons" and a single called "Wasteland (feat. Ashley Apollodor)."

While they haven't garnered as much attention as they deserve, Afterlite's new single "Division" seeks to change that. 

The aptly titled "Division" divides itself into three separate sections, each building on the last. Melancholy and subdued piano chords line the introduction, which culminates into a future garage-infused groove reminiscent of elements within KOAN Sound's Sanctuary EP, but unique to Afterlite.

That groove gives way to an almost cinematic section that feels like an orchestral epic film score. This bit works as a build-up, ramping up the anticipation for the final act. At the drop, it's pure Afterlite sound—supersaws stab at low end growls as hints of vocal chopping rain down over the hard-hitting drums. 

The only problem with "Division"? It's too short. But clocking in at just under three minutes guarantees you'll want to play this one on repeat a few times through to entirely absorb its fervor. 

"Division" is out now and can be streamed here.