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In yet another stroke of genius, Class of 2022 star Akeos has released their mind-bending Libellule EP.

Libellule is a continuation of the mastery Akeos has been building upon for years packaged neatly into a three-track EP. They've continued to mystify listeners, carving their own path with unpredictable tunes. Their latest is no different, as it strays away from the hard-hitting sound Akeos has long been known for and instead embraces a techno feel.

While their previous EP, Flesh Garden, was spearheaded by diverse productions throughout, Libellule maintains a similar feel through each of its three tracks. The pounding, intricately crafted beats maintain the same level of meticulous sound design yet flow much differently. It's almost as if they're meant to meld together, while the aforementioned EP felt like a collage of well-produced works.

The EP opens with Akeo's previously released single "Dualshock," followed by "4 Triangles" and "Libellule-Tech." As each flows together, the nuances and complexities shine. "Libellule-Tech" clocks in at just over 7 minutes and embraces delicate synth stabs and warped percussion to create a hypnotic soundscape. On the other hand, "4 Triangles" relentlessly infuses metallic sounds and digitized beeps to enthrall listeners.

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Libellule is not only an expertly crafted collection of songs but is another strong showcase of Akeos' endless talent. While their claim to fame lies within the deep reaches of bass music, they clearly have a feel for any genre they desire to write. 

Listen to Libellule on streaming platforms here.




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