After nearly 20 years since it's original release, Mangoo's "Eurodancer" gets a stunning, modern refresh from three of Norway's biggest electronic music stars: Alan Walker, K-391, and Tungevaag. "Play" is available now on Liquid State.

The original track has the perfect blend of melodic elements for melodic maestros Alan Walker and K-391 to assemble an equally as jaw-dropping refresh. This new rendition is slowed down to fit Walker's iconic "Faded" style and to allow the melodies truly become embedded into the listener's mind. K-391's production principles are highlighted in the percussion elements. They're heavy, punchy, and tight. This dynamism throughout packs a powerful punch for this impeccable trio. It's euphoric from start to finish. 

A remix competition will be launched a few days after "Play" is released. This campaign will be used for Alan Walker, K-391, and Tungevaag to find the next wave of producers to work with. 

Artists and producers will share their version/demo via YouTube. They will use the hashtag #PRESSPLAY, and Alan Walker, K-391, and Tungevaag will each pick their favorite version. All three producers will pick a winner, who will have their remixes officially released in collaboration with the respective artist.



Alan Walker