"Fatal" sees Alter. at his bass-heavy best.

Three months ago, Seattle producer Stephen Trueba inaugurated a new project called Alter. with the R&B-inclined "SubSpaces" on Big Slide Records. EDM.com partner label Artist Intelligence Agency is proud to present his follow-up single. The aptly named "Fatal" sees Trueba raise the energy level for a bass-heavy tune that still exhibits a fair amount of songwriter appeal.

Trueba's crooning verses take center stage for most of "Fatal." A gritty sawtooth at the drop crafted by collaborator Justin Hartinger equips the song with a measure of headbanger appeal, with sonic fine tunings that will speak to the sensibilities of any music aficionado as well.

"Fatal" by Alter. is out now on Artist Intelligence Agency. Keep this talent in your sights to see what else he has in store for the rest of the year.

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