Show your horns and halos with Anikdote and Hi Rez.

Having performed shows in countries like Australia, United Kingdom, Spain, and India, Anikdote continues his rampage through the electronic music scene with genre-defying music. His latest collaboration with Hi-Rez showcases his innate ability develop a track that ravages through any sound system. Anikdote and Hi-Rez bring out the good and the bad in "Horns & Halos." 

Hefty brass stabs open up "Horns & Halos," while Hi-Rez's aggressive vocals pair flawlessly with Anikdote's production. A hard-hitting beat stomps through like a stampede of horses. The drop moves into a screeching, metallic synth that moves around the frequency spectrum and stereo field. Surely this is a track that will bring out the good and bad in any listener. 

Earlier this year, Anikdote released "The Wonk." 

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