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Aphex Twin (real name Richard David James) has released 6 new tracks via his alleged alias, user18081971

While there's never been direct confirmation that user18081971 is James, many fans and critics are convinced it belongs to him. Through this assumed alias, James released a slew of new tracks starting on April 2nd. For six consecutive days, the account released new music. Each of the six tracks serves as an ambient soundscape that fans of James have become accustomed to. 

James is widely recognized as one of the most influential figures in modern dance music. He first began releasing music in the 90s, with consistent releases up until 2004. His works are widely met with critical acclaim, including his 2014 studio album Syro. Last year, James released a 4 track EP entitled Peel Session 2. While his releases remain infrequent, fans are eager to dive into whatever he's got cooking. 


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