In times of quarantine and self-isolation, the need for introspective adventure has never been greater. Today, Florida producer APLSOZ returned with a new song that does just that. “Light (the Purpose of This),” an amped up, third sonic-chapter of his ongoing multimedia saga, Sonic Storyline.

Since launching his career in 2012, Florida bass act Aplsoz (real name Cody Bones) has maintained a reputation as one of the top up-and-coming bass acts in the Sunshine State. Earlier this month, Bones appeared at Okeechobee Music Festival, where his fiery dubstep perfectly accented the late-night Incendia Stage vibes. A month prior, Bones took to SoundCloud to unveil, “Love,” the first track of a four-part sonic saga, Sonic Storyline, complete with a written storyline about six travelers exploring the universe.

“Light (the Purpose of This)” checks back in to find our travelers swept up in a blackhole. To represent the imagined spiraling fractal lights, the song kicks off off with twinkling piano keys dancing around the listener. Deep bass rises up as the characters devise a plan, and at the one minute mark, with alarms supposedly ringing onboard the spacecraft, glitchy bass signals something approaching. The first drop, a grinding dubstep force, is depicted in the narrative as an energy field enveloping the space shift. By the song's end, the listener can relate to the narratives explanation of the travelers being swept out of a wormhole.

“This song is much more ecstatic and exciting in its arrangement,” said Bones, who caught up with to talk about the release. “More bright and uplifting versus down, dirty and heavy [low end frequencies.] This effect of positive versus negative, light versus dark is my main goal in music.”

With the combined audio and written element, this sonic narrative is a powerful imaginative tool for listeners to escape while stuck at home or, worse, sick. This can be attested to firsthand by the producer, who first came up with the project while battling Mastoiditis, a rare anatomical disease.

“This was designed to have specific emotions play out for people so that they arrive at a hopeful resonance in conclusion,” said Bones. “I just want to offer a hand to anyone who is going through or has gone through a series of traumatic events. I hope this music and story can cause some healing for anyone in need.”

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