In the summer of 2019, English DJ, producer, and remixer Ashley Wallbridge experienced the fight of his life. Diagnosed with a severe case of meningitis, Wallbridge was hospitalized for an extended period with zero certainty as to whether or not he would live to see another day.

Wallbridge’s near-death experience is what sparked the inspiration for his latest release, aptly titled “Still Alive.” The track is a powerful recounting of the lessons learned throughout his health scare, and the ways he has resolved to change himself for the better as a result. With an irresistibly catchy chorus and stunning vocal, Wallbridge voices his gratitude for the undying the support of his family, fans, and colleagues during his most trying of times.

“I wrote the lyrics to 'Still Alive' while recovering in hospital and they came straight from the heart," Wallbridge said of the track. "Now the song is finished, I hope it touches people in the same way I felt touched by their incredible love and support. A big big thank you to everyone!”

Without skipping a beat, Wallbridge is now back to doing what he does best. In addition to touring worldwide, he has also been hard at work on an upcoming solo album and will be rolling out a mixed-genre event brand in the near future. 

Stream or download "Still Alive" by Ashley Wallbridge.