UPDATE: A Reddit user has come forward to confess that the image was his prank and the rumored tracklist is not real.

According to a user on the Avicii and EDM subreddits, there's a remix album for TIM on the way. The image is said to have come from a contact at Universal Studios Sweden, however the authenticity of the image or source cannot be confirmed at the time of writing.

Although the image is blurry, commenters on the original post believe they were able to make out many of the collaborators. According to the highest-rated comment on the page, Martin Garrix, Alesso, KygoKSHMRTiësto, David Guetta, and more will be featured on the remix album. 

There has been much debate on both of the online communities whether or not the image is legitimate. Some believe the image looks fan made while others presented cases for its authenticity. 

TIM by the late Swedish dance music heavyweight was released June 9th, 2019, a little over a year from the date passed away.


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