Chicago-based duo Azgard (real names Matt Domas and Kevin Thoren) have seen quite the buzz in the United States midwest recently. With releases on Firepower Records and breaking into the top 10 of Beatport's dubstep and electro charts, the pair have been hard at work on new music. Now, their new Enforcer EP looks to impress listeners even more with a wide array of heavy bass sounds. 

Enforcer opens with the title track, and pulls no punches right off the bat. With a Mortal Kombat-inspired vocal sample, the narrator warns the listener, "prepare to meet your maker," before the audio assault begins. The breakdowns and drops bring to mind early Porter Robinson works, but Domas and Thoren bring a heavy and crisp edge to the electro-tinged dubstep sound. 

The second track, "R I P," brings a slasher film flavor that would be right at home on Freddy Krueger's Spotify playlist. Heavy dubstep paints a vivid and horrifying dreamscape at the first drop, but at the three minute mark, a psytrance influence infiltrates the track, switching things up entirely.

To close the Enforcer EP, Domas and Thoren team up with Two Attics for "Humanity," a track that retains the heaviness of the EP but brings a melodic edge to the table. "Humanity" is in the same wheelhouse as a Xilent or Chime production, perfectly blending elements of trance and dubstep. 

Azgard's latest is a well-rounded release that showcases Domas and Thoren's musical repertoires and history rather effectively. No telling what's next for the  duo, but their talent will surely take them to great heights in the U.S. Midwest and beyond. 

The Enforcer EP is out now and available at this link.