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Baauer's pristine skillset has been undeniable since the early days of his illustrious career. Four years after the release of his first album Aa, the critically acclaimed producer has released his sophomore album PLANET'S MAD

PLANET'S MAD is everything fans have been waiting for combined with everything they didn't know they needed. Taking inspiration from genres all across the board, Baauer created one of the most unique LPs released this year. Ranging from techno to trap, some of the most interesting sections can be found in "HOT 44" and "GROUP." However, it's hard to label one song more impressive than another, as this record is full of experimental gems. 

Previously released singles "REACHUPDONTSTOP" and "AETHER" also serve as masterfully crafted experimental pieces, the former using ethereal house elements and infusing them with thumping tribal drums while the latter expertly combines drum & bass with massive, resonating synths to help curate an intergalactic soundscape.

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While the album itself is an impressive feat, Baauer aims to impress further by enlisting the help of Dominic Flannigan to create an unearthly visual aspect to accompany the album. The 40-minute movie, co-directed by Baauer himself, takes viewers across the universe with stops at various planets along the way. Each planet introduces new creatures, each more bizarre than the last. Eric Wareheim makes a brief cameo as well, helping to add to the abstract nature of the project. 

PLANET'S MAD is one of the most original and thrilling offerings of 2020. Not only does it highlight Baauer's prowess as a producer, but it also gives listeners a glimpse at his eclectic and refined taste. You can check out the movie below.




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