Sure, doing the "Harlem Shake" was what may have catapulted gifted bass music producer Baauer into the spotlight. But he's has taken things to much greater heights ever since. Baauer's album aa heralded a new era for the musician, showcasing his talent as an experimental producer that still knows how to hit where it counts.

Baauer has now stepped his game up yet again, not only with his new album Planet's Mad, but with an accompanying feature film that will rock your world. 

Planet's Mad: The Movie is a visual spectacle. It acts as a long-form music video accompaniment for the tracks, which perfectly illustrates the bizarre and psychedelic nature of Baauer's new album. A cross between Cool 3D World, Nicolas Cage's trippy film Mandy, and Tim & Eric shorts (Eric Wareheim is actually featured in Planet's Mad), the film takes viewers on an audiovisual journey from the jungle to the outer realms of space. 

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As for the album itself, Baauer returns his focus to technicality and embracing his roots. It's just as impressive, if not more, than aa. Inspiration was drawn everywhere from the music of Basement Jaxx and The Chemical Brothers, to sci-fi films.

Planet's Mad will be made available on Bandcamp for the music platform's Juneteenth NAACP Fundraiser on Friday, June 19th. 




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