DANNY TIME (real name Daniel Castro), is a rising star in the bass house scene. The ICON Collective graduate previously released his track, "Da Funk," on Gibson Squad's Moretin. The Orlando, Florida-based producer has now teamed up with Dark Cities for a creamy remix of BADMOOOD and Green Ketchup's "Telephone."

DANNY TIME and Dark Cities' remix of "Telephone" kicks into high gear from the first downbeat. They take no time to introduce the vocals and line up a hard-hitting bass house drop. The two producers keep the entire production as simple as the vocal. The invigorating mid bass in the drop may be subtle, but paired with the percussion and moving vocal chops stir things up for a club-ready bass house anthem.

This remix is part of a remix album on NoFace Records for BADMOOOD and Green Ketchup's "Telephone." Other remixers on the album include Bloodlike, Los Padres, and Digital Koala.  

You can listen to the other remixes here


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